Branding, website & ad design for a hypnotist and health coach

Board certified hypnotist and health coach Tracy Beach of Beach Hypnosis recognized the need for an upgraded brand identity and website to effectively connect with clients and showcase her expertise. Our collaboration began with a comprehensive makeover of Tracy’s brand identity. We updated her logo, curated a harmonious colour palette, and crafted a unique typography style that resonated with her values and expertise. The new brand identity exudes professionalism, trustworthiness, and a serene ambiance, perfectly reflecting Tracy’s approach.

For her online presence, I worked with Tracy to design a modern and vibrant Squarespace website that delivers an exceptional user experience across all devices. The redesigned site boasts user-friendly navigation, captivating imagery, and clear calls-to-action, all aimed at encouraging user engagement and driving increased website traffic. As a final touch, a series of impactful social media ad designs featuring high-quality imagery and compelling calls-to-action showcase Tracy’s expertise and prompt user interaction.

Tracy’s expanded online presence enhances her ability to connect with clients and further establishes her as a respected authority in the realms of hypnotherapy and health coaching.

Scope of work.

  • Brand refinement
  • Squarespace website design & build
  • Cross-platform digital marketing – social media ad design, email marketing integration and search engine optimization (SEO)

“5/5 Amazing! Catherine & Tulip Tree made my website and social media look and operate beautifully. Catherine made the whole process so easy. She has a fantastic eye for design and functionality. She had suggestions to not only improve the look of my website, but also to make it more functional for the user and myself. Thank you!”

– Tracy Beach • Beach Hypnosis

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