Square ecommerce website & cross-platform digital marketing for an artist.

Artist Pauline Gladstone works out of a studio at Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios in Glen Williams, Ontario.

The launch of her mobile-friendly Square ecommerce website allows Pauline to seamlessly handle both in-studio and online sales of her original paintings, limited edition prints, fine art cards & home décor.

A warm, inviting colour palette was implemented not only on the website but also on custom-designed graphics for social media & email marketing campaigns to ensure a calming, cohesive online presence which beautifully showcases Pauline’s stunning artwork.

Scope of work.

  • Square Ecommerce design & build.
  • Graphic design for ongoing cross-platform marketing campaigns (email marketing, Instagram & Facebook).
  • Brand refinement – building upon Pauline’s logo, we selected brand colours, typography and imagery.

“Catherine Toews is a key asset to the success of my small business. Digital learning curves are long, complicated, steep. Delegating Marketing and Social Media technical responsibilities to tuliptree.ca has been a game changer. I get to embrace the creative parts of the marketing process. Catherine looks after the delivery of the company’s marketing messaging. She does all the social media technical heavy lifting. Along the way, there is a focus on ensuring that I learn new skills that enable me to utilize social media to the company’s advantage. Catherine’s skills are broad reaching. She is an expert in her field and a delight to partner with. This is the last stop in your search for website, social media and marketing assistance. Just hire Catherine Toews at www.tuliptree.ca”

– Pauline Gladstone • Pauline Gladstone Artist Studio

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