Visual identity & website for an experimental project press.

Based in Montréal, OK Stamp Press is “a fluctuating collective of folks who believe in creating inclusive spaces for sharing language, ideas, and creative energy.” Each year, OK Stamp Press publishes a new book project and invests all proceeds from that project into reader communities.

OK Stamp Press’ branding includes a joyful palette and layered geometric shapes inspired by the colour play and textures of risograph printing and rubber stamps. This new visual identity was used as the jumping-off point for the design and build of an open-source WordPress website.

Playful, welcoming, and ever-evolving, OK Stamp Press’ visual identity and website are designed to grow and change as the project grows.

OK Stamp Brand Guidelines
OK Stamp Press Website Design
OK Stamp Press Website Design

“I have carried the dream of starting an experimental, small-scale press for awhile. After years of working in academia, I wanted to create an inclusive space for emerging and first-time writers and creatives to disseminate their work. The result is OK Stamp Press, and Catherine at Tulip Tree was invaluable to help make the idea become a reality. Honestly, without her steady encouragement, it would still be a thing I only talk about rather than something I’m running. She immediately understood the ethos of the small press and why it was important, and she took this empathy and care into every step of the design — including the moral support, which really isn’t the typical job of a designer, but Catherine is different. At every consult, she was ready with answers to questions I hadn’t considered, and she gave me great advice (from coding ethics and typefaces to web-hosting) that was aligned with the kind of project I am trying to build. She also was patient with my absent-minded schedule as I continued to build OK Stamp between classes. I really cannot recommend working with Catherine enough. The combination of kind wisdom and savvy design is just wonderful. I’m really grateful.”

– Maya Rae Oppenheimer • OK Stamp Press

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