Ecommerce & social media for a family owned clothing boutique.

After 23 very successful years in business, Arezzo saw a need to expand upon the destination shopping experience offered at their beautiful brick & mortar boutique by launching online shopping. We designed a premium Shopify ecommerce website and created Facebook & Instagram accounts to expand their customer reach.

Building upon Arezzo’s existing logo, we refined and expanded the brand with a cohesive colour palette, fonts, and graphic elements which were implemented across the website, email marketing, and social media.

Arezzo Shopify website screenshot
Arezzo Shop the Look website screenshot
Arezzo social media graphic design
Arezzo responsive Shopify website design screenshot
Arezzo email marketing design screenshot
Arezzo Social Media Graphic Design
Arezzo Email Marketing Graphic Design
Arezzo email marketing design screenshot

Scope of work.

  • Shopify ecommerce website design & build.
  • Social media business account setup on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Copywriting for website landing page and social media to augment product descriptions.
  • Interior and exterior photography of Arezzo’s brick and mortar shop to feature on the new website.
  • Brand refinement – building upon Arezzo’s existing logo with cohesive colours, typography and imagery.
  • Digital marketing:
    • Custom designed Instagram & Facebook graphics to drive sales on social media.
    • Custom designed monthly email marketing.
    • Website and product refreshes to launch new collections and promotions.
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